The Vortex

Back in January, four months before PUSH’s May 1st release, I wrote a post about how writing a novel isn’t the hard part – all the stuff that comes afterwards is way harder. And now that PUSH has hit-the-streets, that point has been hammered home again and again. I’ve heard other authors say that “selling” your book is much harder than writing it. And I’m here now to tell you that it’s true. I feel a bit like I’ve been sucked down a marketing vortex. A black hole of self-promotion that makes me feel a bit uncomfortable, truth be told. What do I know about marketing? I’m just a writer.

But I’m learning. Slowly. Because here’s the thing, when people like your book, it makes you feel really damn good. That high you get when a kick-ass review goes up on Amazon or when someone tells you they couldn’t put your book down or when they send you a PM asking about your next book or when they string together a bunch of gifs to show you how your book made them feel, it’s pretty freakin’ cool. And it kinda makes you a little bit okay with the self-promotion thing. It kinda makes you want to tell more people about your book. But…how do you “sell” your book without being a jerk about it? How do you do it without ramming yourself down people’s throats?

It’s an art that I’m still trying to figure out. Authors who’ve been authoring for a lot longer than me, tell me that they are still trying to figure it all out. At least I’m in good company.

So, this is where I call on you for help, my readers and my author friends. I could use your ideas, your advice, and your thoughts. Hook me up, kids, cause this vortex is gettin’ kinda lonely.


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