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With just one week to go before PUSH debuts, I have some words for you, my future readers. There are some things I’d like to you know. Things about me. Things about PUSH. And things about life. They are important things, so pay attention.

Things about me:

1. There is nothing I find more enjoyable than sitting at a picnic table covered in newspapers with a mallet in my hand. Growing up, summers were spent on the Maryland and Jersey shores, cracking open blue crabs smothered in Old Bay seasoning every Saturday night. Lips on fire, sucking out the shells, and laughing hysterically with my extended family.

2. I still have my childhood lovey. I don’t sleep with him at night anymore, but he is still with me. His name is Lolli. He’s a pink, stuffed mouse, with only one eye and lots of crooked whiskers. My husband still has his lovey, too. It’s a teddy bear. The neck is threadbare from the death grip he had on it his entire childhood. My son’s lovey is a small, gray blanket. I will never, ever throw it away. Someday, when he’s done sleeping with it, I will pack it into a box. And then, when he’s all grown up and out of my house, I will take it out of the box from time to time and give it a good sniff. I won’t even care if it’s weird because to me, it smells like love.

3. My favorite television show(s) of all time is a three-way tie between “Freaks and Geeks”, “Rocky and Bullwinkle”, and “Twin Peaks”. Derive from that what you will.

Things about PUSH:

1. All of the characters in this novel are completely fictional. I pulled them out of my ass (figuratively, of course). Nobody is based on anyone I know, either presently or previously. So, if I know you, don’t go looking for some deeper connection. It doesn’t exist.

2. You are probably going to have lots of thoughts about this book, for better or worse. Trust me, I’m well aware of this. Please know that I genuinely want to know about them. Review to your heart’s content. Say what you must. Tweet me. DM me. Talk to each other about it. I look forward to reading your every word. Good, bad, or whatever your brain decides is best.

3. No, my parents were/are nothing like any of the parents in this book. My parents rock.

Things about life:

1. People like different things. It’s what makes life interesting. Roll with it.

2. Everyone should learn how to make pies from scratch. Seriously.

3. I don’t watch The Walking Dead, but I do know that when the zombie apocalypse happens, you’re going to want someone in your camp who can:

(a) grow vegetables

(b) pluck a chicken

(c) sew a pair of pants

(d) tell a hell of a campfire story

So when the zombies show up, I’m your girl.

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